V-Guide™ is a fast and versatile robot-mounted vision system that utilizes true 3D vision sensors to calculate position and rotation offsets in less than one second. 


VFix™ uses stationary-mounted sensors to accurately measure the position and rotation offsets on large parts and vehicle bodies.


VPick™ enables robot use in complex and repetitive pick and place operations and provides robot guidance for warehouse and distribution tasks.

What We Do

Liberty Reach provides 3D volumetric vision guidance systems for robot applications. Our systems improve manufacturing, material/part handling, and logistics operations performed in industrial environments. We provide value by decreasing cycle time, increasing capacity and throughput, and improving automated operations. Furthermore, Liberty Reach 3D Vision Guidance systems increase repeatability and decrease faults and costly downtime. As the first company to deploy volumetric sensor technology on a high-precision manufacturing line, we are the experts in volumetric vision guidance solutions. 

Why Liberty Reach 3D Vision Guidance?


Offsets in less than one second


No external lighting required, immune to ambient lighting changes


Configurable sensor count & communication protocols


Simple to setup, learn, and use


One system handles up to 1000 part styles, add or modify styles with ease


Built to last in typical factory conditions, backed by our industry-leading support

Our Products




V-GUIDE   |   VFIX   |   VPICK



Different approach, better results.

Our systems are fundamentally different from other guidance products.

We’ve taken a unique approach in developing 3D machine vision systems that use six degrees of freedom offsets to provide fast, accurate, robust, flexible, and simple robot guidance.


Your dedicated partner in automation.

We are committed to helping make our customers’ lives better.

Our knowledgeable customer support team is available 24/7.


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V-Guide was the only system that could meet our requirements for speed, accuracy, and flexibility

– Body Manufacturing Engineer

We saved over 12 seconds of cycle time by upgrading our vision system to V-Guide. Our throughput improved so much that the system paid for itself in days.

– Paint Engineer, Automotive OEM

With your system, it’s effortless to add new body styles. With the old system, we had to keep adding cameras

– Paint Engineer, Automotive OEM

We are very pleased with both price and performance of the Liberty Reach system. It has been working very well on our floor, and has allowed us to yield higher throughput from the previous vision system we were using

– Paint Area Manager, Automotive Manufacturing Company

Your systems run so well, that we forget how to use it!

– Plant Floor Team Member, Automotive Manufacturing Company

Liberty Reach is the only vendor I’ve worked with in 27 years that consistently has an immediate response on the help line, and not only is it quick but the person on the other end of the line actually knows the hardware and software inside and out and can quickly figure out a solution and talk us through it.

– Senior Automation Electrician, Automotive Manufacturing Company

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Proven Results

We partner with our customers to find the best solutions for their specific applications and needs.

Whether it’s an existing robot vision upgrade or a first-time installation, our systems enable robots to work faster and operate more reliably for increased capability.

Liberty Reach Customer Logos
Liberty Reach Customer Logos