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Implementing The Next Generation Of Automation

Liberty Reach was founded in 2005 as an R&D consulting firm, developing machine vision and artificial intelligence for clients within the automotive and aerospace industries. We began by providing computer vision algorithms and architectures for robotic manufacturing processes at General Motors, The Chrysler Group, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program – inter alia.

Since 2012, we have developed and produced our own vision systems which include our proprietary sensors and 3D vision guided software. Our vision systems are used in various manufacturing industries for a variety of applications.  We envision a future where manufacturing, assembly and material handling processes are faster, safer, more reliable, and flexible.

We continue to develop and improve our vision systems to further advance future automation solutions.

Liberty Reach Mission Statements
A Brief History of Liberty Reach Timeline

Whether you are brand new to robot vision guidance or ready to prove out a new process or application, Liberty Reach is here to help.

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