Implementing The Next Generation Of Automation

Liberty Reach was founded in 2005 as an R&D lab for robotics and artificial vision applications in the automotive and aerospace industries. We began by providing computer vision algorithms and architectures for robotic manufacturing processes at General Motors, The Chrysler Group, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program – inter alia.

Since 2012, we have developed and produced our own products for robot guidance. Our systems are used in various manufacturing industries for a variety of applications. We envision a future where manufacturing is faster, safer, and more flexible.

We continue to develop and improve our vision systems to further advance future automation solutions.

Liberty Reach Mission Statements


2005 Liberty Reach is founded by G Neil Haven
2005-2011 LR is an R&D lab offering contract services for machine vision, automation, and artificial intelligence to automotive, aerospace, and general manufacturing industries

LR offers first products for machine vision and robot guidance

Product release: VFix™, 3D robot guidance with stationary sensors (volumetric fixturing)

LR becomes exclusive N. American distributor for QUISS

2014 Product release: VFind, 3D robot guidance w/ robot-mounted sensors
2015 LR opens Ann Arbor office as sales & engineering HQ
2016 Product release: VPresence, 3D part presence / absence detection
2017 Product release: V-Guide, 3D robot guidance w/ robot-mounted, volumetric sensors (replaces VFind)
2018 Integrator partnership program launch
2019 Product release: VSx 1000 series sensor offers higher accuracy for a more industrialized solution

Product release: VPick, 3D robot guidance for box palletizing/depalletizing

V-Guide and VFix Software 3.0.X. is released

Whether you’re brand new to guidance or ready to prove out a project, Liberty Reach is here to help.