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Reduce Cycle Time with True 3D Machine Vision


The video above shows a 3D inferred machine vision system on the left and a Liberty Reach  V-Guide™ machine vision system on the right. During the machine vision guidance process, the inferred system is shown taking 3 images of the region of interest before applying a bead of door hem sealer. In total, it takes 36 seconds to complete the cycle. With V-Guide™, there is only one image capture and one robot movement which brings down the total cycle time to 22 seconds. Installing the V-Guide™ system led to 14 seconds of cycle time savings.  V-Guide™ utilizes 3D volumetric sensor technology to quickly capture the geometry of the part in order to accurately dispense an even bead of sealer with less waste and a reduced risk of faults and downtime.

Want to learn more about the differences between these 2 systems? Follow this link to download our latest white paper.

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V-Guide™ Applications:


  • Racking/De-racking
  • Seam Sealing
  • Pick & Place
  • Material Handling

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