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by Brandon Schmalzel

Image of Industrial Vision PC with the title " powering innovation" with the caption "Discover how our Industrial Vision PC runs our 3D robot guidance systems for unrivaled benefits and results."

Liberty Reach Proprietary Technology


In order to remain at the forefront in the field of 3D volumetric machine vision solutions, we customized our industrial system PC to power our proprietary robot guidance systems. Each PC is manufactured specifically to Liberty Reach’s specifications to provide unrivaled speed and system longevity. Our field installation experience in manufacturing environments drives continued improvements to our 3D machine vision systems’ powerful results.


These are several of the field proven benefits of our custom PCs:

  • The PC employs an Industrial Windows IOT operating system to enhance system performance and stability, which enables constant system uptime in challenging environments.
  • We execute thermal load tests and analyze cabinet heat transfer, considering factors such as thermal output, cabinet volume, and airflow. These dynamic stress tests are crucial in system design to ensure proper heat management, an essential consideration for maintaining operational stability and longevity in hot factory environments.
  • The industrial PC is rated for unexpected power loss and protects itself from unconditioned power sources. Our Liberty Reach PC, sensors, and factory software all automatically restart when factory power is reinstated for stress-free recovery.
  • The setup process involves an automatic script that deactivates Windows updates and adjusts registry settings, bolstering network security. Additionally, the setup script ensures proper installation of our industrial hardware drivers and supporting programs.
  • The GM IT security has granted certification to the Liberty Reach PC technology.
  • Each 3D vision system undergoes a comprehensive 48-hour testing phase before installation, which guarantees its functionality well in advance.

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