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3D Volumetric Machine Vision Technology


In early 2012, Liberty Reach was the first company to deploy volumetric machine vision sensing technology on a high precision manufacturing line. Since then, Liberty Reach continues to meticulously develop and refine volumetric vision systems for a variety of robot applications. Therefore, we are improving manufacturing, material/part handling, and adhesive/sealing applications performed in industrial environments. 

As leading experts in 3D robot guidance, we use 3D volumetric sensors paired with our advanced proprietary algorithms to calculate part offsets in six degrees of freedom. Six degrees of freedom (6DoF) offsets give the robot the position and rotation data of intricate three-dimensional parts.  We do not rely on visible light, as a result we eliminate the need for controlled ambient light sources, making the system immune to ambient light changes. In addition, our software is simple to set up, navigate, and maintain. The software also handles up to 1000 part styles and utilizes up to 6 sensors per system.  

Our mission is to transform the future of manufacturing by making assembly and material handling processes fast, safe, reliable, and flexible. 

To learn more about our proprietary volumetric sensor technology and 3D guidance software, schedule a free in-person or virtual demo. Stay up to date on our products and offerings by following us on LinkedIn.  



Speed up slow systems. We offer the fastest robot guidance system on the market.


 Automate multiple tasks with less hardware. Our systems have the greatest versatility available.



 Cost competitive solutions, upfront and long-term.


Our systems are easy to install, use, modify, and maintain.


Automate manual tasks and get control of mechanical fixtures and unguided robots.