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Large Body Positioning


In manufacturing, where humans and robots work on the same processes together, the reliability automation tasks directly impacts overall efficiency.

VFix™ offers the ability to locate large bodies in six degrees of freedom and provides highly accurate offsets to one or more robots almost instantaneously.

A V-Guide™ system can also be used in large body positioning applications and is unmatched in its flexibility to add new styles and models without having to make any hardware adjustment. 

Vehicle Interior Seam Sealing


guiding robot mounted inspection tool

Adding VFix™ to the production line allows the robot to adjust to the position of the body.

A 4 sensor VFix™ system calculates the large body offset. With the measured offset, the robot adjusts to check quality information at the correct location no matter the position of the vehicle.

Where used: paint, final assembly, stamping, body weld.


Sanding, grinding, and deburring are precision processes in which specific amounts of material must be removed from a surface. Though parts can be mechanically doweled into place, mechanical wear and tear can lead to imperfect part positioning.

Adding V-Guide™ to the robot allows for accurate part locating for reliable precision processes.

A 1 or 2 sensor V-Guide™ system calculates the part offset and with the measured offset, the robot adjusts to remove the same amount of material over the part surface.