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Liberty Reach Inc. Awarded Multiple Robot Guidance Systems in Japan

Mar 23, 2015

Liberty Reach Inc. announces today that it has received several orders for vehicle positioning and orientation systems used for robot guidance from one of Japan’s oldest and most reliable auto manufacturing companies. “This opportunity promotes a new partnership that we’ll nurture and grow for many years to come” explains Robert Berry, President of Liberty Reach Inc.

The order allows for Liberty Reach’s penetration of the Japanese market. In addition to this order, Liberty Reach has already supplied its robot guidance systems in the United States to Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Fiat Chrysler, Subaru, Ford and other premiere automotive manufacturers.

The latest award points to a growing international role for Liberty Reach’s technology, according to Mr. Berry. “We are hoping to build upon this order with our robust and reliable positioning systems for the Asian Market” Berry said.

Using its revolutionary volumetric sensor technology, Liberty Reach can now get true 3D ‘pictures’ in real time. This is combined with a revolution in computer technology for dealing with three ­dimensional information. Introducing these new and powerful techniques allows Liberty Reach to be at the forefront of the technology.

Whether you’re brand new to guidance or ready to prove out a project, Liberty Reach is here to help.

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