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The name Liberty Reach may not be synonymous with a company that leads in Industry 4.0 and creates the latest innovations in 3D robotic vision guidance. After all, words like “technology,” “systems,” and “engineering” are nowhere to be found, but don’t let that fool you.

This Dexter, Michigan-based company has more than 400 systems in companies throughout the automotive, manufacturing and aerospace industries. Ford, GM, Stellantis, Toyota, Tesla, Honda, Volkswagen, Lexus, Nissan, BMW, Subaru, Embraer and Joy Global are among the companies that use the patented systems.

“We introduced new [3D] technology that was far superior to what was out there,” said CEO and President Bob Berry. “We made it robust and reliable. The old [2D] technology wasn’t as accurate and was highly susceptible to ambient lighting changes.”

Liberty Reach was founded in 2005 and named for a street in Idaho where founder and current Chief Technical Officer G. Neil Haven owned property.

To the employees, it doesn’t matter what the founder decided to call his business; they are proud of the reputation they helped create.

“We made a name for ourselves in this industry,” Business Development Manager Myron Czubko said.

The source of that pride comes from creating the world’s first robot guidance system to use 3D volumetric sensors with advanced proprietary algorithms to calculate part offsets in six degrees of freedom.

“We put eyes on robots,” Berry said.

Containing sensors, those “eyes” take images — or measurements — and look for irregularities in part placement on an assembly line and guide the robot to the proper place to perform its task. The process takes less than a half second.

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