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1. Talking Industrial Automation


Frequency: Monthly

Length: 15-60 min

Lisa Richter hosts CSIA member integrators and industry partners to discuss integration technology, trends, and challenges of industrial automation. Gain unique insight from the individual experiences of accomplished industry leaders. Talking Industrial Automation has continued to produce new episodes throughout the pandemic and recent episodes discuss the ways that the industry has been affected.


2. Automation World Gets Your Questions Answered


Frequency: Monthly

Length: 10-30 min

David Greenfield, director of content at Automation World, answers questions submitted by listeners with the help of industry experts in the automation technology field. The hosts discuss questions raised about the discrete and process manufacturing industries. Episode topics range from industrial network topologies and IO networks, to functional machine safety and keeping control cabinets cool. The latest episode features Joe Campbell of Universal Robotics and they discuss how collaborative robots will continue to change the manufacturing environment post pandemic.


3. State of the Industry


Frequency: Monthly

Length: 10-30 min

State of the Industry is hosted by Dave Vasko of Rockwell Automation. The podcast focuses on the future of smart manufacturing and IIoT. Esteemed guests explore the impact of cutting-edge tech, workforce and talent issues, and global business trends surrounding industrial automation. State of the industry has a more conversational and relaxed feel.


4. Advanced Manufacturing Now


Frequency: Weekly

Length: 10-35 min

Alan Rooks, editor in chief of Manufacturing Engineering magazine, hosts this weekly podcast addressing in-depth technical info about advanced manufacturing current events and technology in North America. Guests discuss topics such as additive manufacturing, controlling supply chain risk, automation strategies in aerospace engineering, and much more. Rooks allows his guests to speak during the majority of the episodes in order to effectively unpack their ideas and knowledge about specific topics.


5. The Manufacturing Report


Frequency: Varying

Length: 10-40 min

Alliance for American Manufacturing President, Scott Paul, chats with policymakers, manufacturing experts, and factory workers to discuss all facets of manufacturing. Topics range from reshoring initiatives and American made products to the impact of manufacturing on small towns. The show features descriptive episode titles which make it easy to find relevant topics.


6. Manufacturing Happy Hour


Frequency: Varying

Length: 20-65 min

Industry veteran Chris Luecke, along with other industry leaders, discuss trends and technologies impacting modern manufacturers. Hear tricks, tips, and strategies to take a manufacturing career and business to the next level. This podcast dissects real-life applications and success stories to produce profitable results.