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VPresence helps automate topcoat paint line

An automotive OEM plant uses VPresence to verify positions of hood, deck, and all four doors before proceeding with automated top coat operation.  VPresence ensures process safety and prevents robot collisions in the cell.This is the first time the top coat process is...

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RTVision systems installed in automotive OEM plant

RTVision helps manufacturers ensure all seams are properly sealed in the paint line.  Any areas missing sealant are clearly highlighted on a big screen in the manual touch up zone.  The plant added RTVision to replace manual inspection.  The systems improve cycle...

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Four-sensor VFix system installed for underbody coating

An automotive plant was adding a new body style to its paint line.  The company chose to install VFix rather than updating their existing vision system with additional cameras, lasers, and lights.The VFix system includes four volumetric sensors to collect surface data...

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VPresence Launched by Liberty Reach

VPresence™ is a revolutionary new volumetric based positioning application, which allows for finding the presence of objects within a fully definable 3D environment dynamically."The applications for V-Presence are endless" said Bob Berry, President of Liberty Reach...

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Liberty Reach Inc. Opens Office in Japan

Liberty Reach Inc. is excited to announce the opening of its Japanese office in Tokyo, Japan to provide systems, support and services to its key customers in the region. The office will be led by Kazu Ohyama, who has an extensive experience in the machine vision...

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