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Now Partnering with RAM Solutions, Inc.

We are pleased and excited to announce our recent partnership with RAM Solutions, a  Michigan-based distribution company.   Ram Solutions is now the "Body in White" Value Added Reseller for Liberty Reach 3D vision systems.  With their knowledgeable team of sales...

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New Headquarters Open in Dexter,MI

Liberty Reach has consolidated to one office in Dexter, MI after using a separate research and development space for 3 years. The new office accommodates the whole Liberty Reach team for more a cohesive and collaborative environment. With business expanding each year,...

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New Product Release – VPick introduced at ProMat Show

Unloading pallets is physically demanding work. Using a robot is faster and safer, but an unguided robot can only unload a pallet if the size, position, and orientation of all boxes are known. This is usually not possible.  VPick™ allows a robot to quickly and...

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Automotive plant replaces vision systems with multiple VFix

An automotive OEM plant is making the switch from inferred 3D vision systems to Liberty Reach's true volumetric vision systems, VFix.  The customer is excited to be rid of extra hardware, including multiple cameras and lights, and robot-mounted cables that break every...

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V-Guide helps automate de-racking of 12 part rack

A California based automotive OEM is thrilled to have V-Guide to help the robotic de-racking of cast components.  With the success of this installation, plans to roll out V-Guide for all de-racking zones is already in the works. Whether you're brand new to guidance or...

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V-Guide helps shave 12 seconds off door seam sealing process

A total of 6 V-Guide™ systems are now guiding robots for seam sealing of hang-on parts: one for each of four doors, the hood, and lift gate.   V-Guide replaces a competitive vision guidance system.  In doing so, the door sealing process alone is shortened by 8...

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VFix installed in Mississippi automotive paint line

VFix replaced a competitive vision guidance system that was issuing improper faults.  The supplier was unresponsive at first, and requested a large payment to support their system.Liberty Reach's reputation for providing outstanding customer support was a major reason...

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