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Alex Pageau

How long have you been working at Liberty Reach and what drew you to apply and accept the job?

“I’ve been with Liberty Reach for almost 7 years and I accepted the job because it presented an interesting combination of new technology and a novel experience, as well as a fun work environment with friends.”

Describe one of your favorite work projects you have been involved with.

“My favorite project is still probably the Toyota UK install we did back in 2016. It was all the fun of traveling overseas for work, with none of the language barriers. The project went really well and the systems installed there are still running well to this day.”

How had Liberty Reach progressed since you started?

“I don’t know that I can provide a reasonably concise answer to that question; we’ve progressed so much that the Liberty Reach of 2013 is basically an entirely different company from the Liberty Reach of 2020.  When I started we were working out of a basement and building the PCs by hand.  Now we have a coffee machine that can make any drink you can imagine and three robots in our office.” 

What is your favorite holiday and do you have any traditions associated with it?

“I’m a sucker for Christmas and fondue night on the 26th with my parents, siblings and all their boyfriends/girlfriends has been a favorite for years.  Although lately Thanksgiving has gotten intense with games of Amazing Race, Survivor, and Murder Mystery with the extended family.”