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Jeremy Staff Spotlight quote

We caught up with Applications Engineer, Jeremy, and got his perspective on how the Liberty Reach has made improvements to system features and offerings and the difference in company culture compared to past employers.



What is different about Liberty Reach than other companies you have worked for in the past?


“Since we are a small company, it feels as if you can make more of an impact here. As an employee at Liberty Reach, you can suggest ideas and bring about changes in your department. Your actions and suggestions have a larger impact on the company’s future. “


What would you tell someone about Liberty Reach who might be interested in applying?


“Liberty Reach employees are a great asset for the company and product success. There are many opportunities for professional growth and progress alongside a reliable and supportive group. Liberty Reach is an up-and-coming and exciting company to work for. With each new product, our customers are always eager and anxious to see the new developments, features, and possibilities of our systems.”


How has the company progressed since you started?


“Liberty Reach has progressed in terms of technical, product, and organizational achievements during my time here. Upon starting, the previous version of V-Guide™ was missing some key user-friendly navigation and feature options, but the software improved immensely in this regard. There have also been many functional improvements to both the moving line VFix™ system and accommodating six sensor systems. The development of the VPick™ system is now a functional product with a whole new set of application opportunities. There have also been a lot of organizational improvements that have positively impacted our field installation procedures.”


What is one of your favorite trips you have taken?


“One of my favorite vacations I have been on was my trip to Aspen on my first rocky mountain ski trip. Aspen was a very cool and lively little ski town. I  liked the restaurant the White House Tavern. Their French dip sandwich was my favorite. My two favorite ski runs was the Highlands Bowl in the Aspen Highlands resort and the Headwall in Snowmass resort.”