Matthew Specker

What is your role at Liberty Reach and how has it changed since you started?

“I am an applications engineer and project manager. The role has changed as the company has grown. As other departments and job roles have been created at Liberty Reach, I’ve been able to focus on better project management and engineering. Our practices have gotten more standardized and professional and this has helped improve the quality of my work.”

Describe a memorable moment working at Liberty Reach.

“I don’t have a specific memory. I work remotely now but back when I worked in the office I always enjoyed taking a break, grabbing some coffee, and catching up with coworkers. Not a cool answer, but I like the people I work with.”

How had Liberty Reach progressed since you started?

“Liberty Reach has progressed significantly since I started. There were a dozen employees amongst 2 departments when I started nearly 4 years ago. We have about 3 times the amount of employees and departments now. As we have grown, the professionalism of the company and quality of our products have improved more and more. It’s been exciting to see.”

What is a signature dish you like to cook?

“If I had a signature dish right now it would be crispy black pepper tofu, steamed rice, sautéed vegetables (usually broccoli, onions, garlic, peppers, etc.), and walnuts thrown together into a stir fry with sesame oil, sesame seeds, lime juice, and soy sauce. I use a recipe for the tofu and the rest of the recipe came from trial and error from what I personally like.”