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Jennifer St. John Employee Spotlight Quote

We sat down with Business Development Manager, Jennifer, to discuss her past work experiences, her hobbies, and what brought her to Liberty Reach.



How long have you worked at Liberty Reach and what drew you to apply and accept the job?


“​I have worked at Liberty Reach since Valentine’s Day 2022!  I left my position as a Client Executive at Dassault Systems where I was selling enterprise-wide digital software.  I applied and accepted the position because I missed robots, automation, and machine vision.  This is the third time I have worked for or owned a vision guided robotics company and I am expecting that the third time will be the charm!”


Describe one of your favorite work projects you have been involved with at Liberty Reach.


“So far, all the projects I have been involved have been exciting and new!  As the Business Development Manager all the robotic applications I have uncovered have required our technology to be used in completely new ways with new constraints.  My contribution to organization has stretched our capabilities and launched LR into new industries.  How could that not be exciting – it certainly puts a pep in my step every day!”


How has Liberty Reach progressed since you started?


“We’ve incorporated so many new processes to ensure the customer experience is nothing short of top shelf.  Which for me as a BDM is really the essence of our ability to scale.  In addition, our R&D team is 1/3 of our entire organization, I’m not sure they sleep.  The new algorithms and capabilities we have added in the last 11 months has opened so many new industries that we can help.  It’s probably one of the most, if not the most exciting places I’ve ever worked.”


Describe some of your favorite pastimes or hobbies.


“I love to flip houses, interior design and being a hockey mom!  This winter is my last season as a hockey mom, which is sad but after 12 years it’s been such a great enriching family experience.”