Sarah Coleman

What is different about Liberty Reach than other companies you have worked for in the past?

“At Liberty Reach we work as a team and each person is valued. I’ve never experienced the strength of camaraderie in a work environment that we have here. Every employee is treated with respect and their ideas are valued. I can tell my ideas are valued because I’m listened to right away, I see my ideas implemented, and I receive credit. From my first day on the job I’ve felt that my coworkers, and supervisors, have my back and they readily help and forgive me when I make mistakes. The company seems to know that by investing in employee development, they are also investing in their product line and future sales.”

Describe one of your favorite work projects you have been involved with.

“My favorite work to do is hardware and software testing. It’s most rewarding when I make an important discovery before the product reaches the customer. The most memorable experience was when I discovered that for our latest sensors, at the time, we needed to update our fiducial algorithm to correct for a different temperature drift pattern from our old sensors. It was also very exciting to see the test results from VSx sensor testing because they indicated that we no longer needed to use fiducials. I knew that removing fiducials would make the installation engineers and customers very pleased and that it would be great for all of our automation vision products.”

How had Liberty Reach progressed since you started?

“The most notable growth, from my perspective, has been our team and our product line. Every department has nearly doubled in the 2 years that I’ve been with Liberty Reach. When I started we were a very green, or young, company and now our employees are maturing along with our product line. We sell a handful of recognizable automation support software and each product has been improved to achieve our mission of providing robust and reliable automation solutions. I’ve really enjoyed watching our V-Guide system develop from a beta release all the way to a stable product that’s used globally.” 

What is your favorite restaurant and what is your favorite dish there?

“I’ve reached a time in my life when the novelty of eating out at restaurants has kind of warn off, especially because I haven’t been able to go out with friends recently. In the current climate, eating out is good but it doesn’t feel special anymore because it’s been only takeout. So instead of going out to eat with friends, I’ve been cooking more at home. My favorite, special meal was my late grandmother’s steak and mushroom stroganoff. I’ve never had a meal that compared to the comfort of her beef stroganoff because we would always stay at her house the first night my family arrived in Detroit for Summer and Winter vacations. I’ve been trying to replicate it. I’ll be happy when I can go out to lunch with my coworkers again.”