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Wes Spotlight Quote

Get to know the Director of Product Engineering, Wes, and his experiences leading the dynamic team responsible for developing Liberty Reach’s proprietary systems.



What has been one of your favorite work projects you have been involved with?


“There have been so many interesting projects I have been involved with the past couple of years. Working with the team on new features for V-Guide™ and VPick™ have been very rewarding and unique. One of the projects I am doing now related to light sources has been particularly interesting as I am learning about light and lenses.”


What do you find rewarding about your position or the work you do?


“​People. I am genuinely interested in seeing the incredible things our team is doing and how they each take ownership and pride in their work. I especially like interactions between each of the different development teams, as they feel organic and bring energy to all projects.”


What has been one of your favorite places you have traveled to?


“Malta was a great place to visit. It was mostly accessible on foot and bus and has a deep religious tradition and a rich history of all the people groups who have settled there over time. The architecture is incredible, and there are a ton of things to see and do.”