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Beth Staff Spotlight quote "My work is always exciting and there is never a dull moment. Plus the employees are awesome, creating a great work culture."

Check in with Finance/Accounting Manager, Beth, to learn more about her time spent at Liberty Reach and some of her favorite book recommendations.



How long have you worked at Liberty Reach and what drew you to apply for the Finance/Accounting Manager position?

“I’ve been here for almost 4 years. I liked the idea of working for a small, growing company on the cutting edge! I accepted the job because the CEO, Bob Berry, gave me a good vibe as someone who would be a great boss. Update: I was right!”


What has been one of your favorite work projects so far as Director of Sales?

“Honestly, my initial transition into the role was a blast. There was no “me” before they hired me, so there was a lot to set up and implement. Plus, we were moving right away, so there was a lot to arrange before that. Recently, I set up an inventory system that has really helped manage our growing projects. I’m also really proud of the work I did during the COVID shutdown to help the company continue to grow.”


What is different about Liberty Reach from other companies you have worked for in the past?

“I’m not involved much with automation, but I love that LR is on the cutting edge. We attract great talent, which makes it a fun place to work!

My work is always exciting and there is never a dull moment. Plus the employees here are awesome, creating a great work culture.”


Are you currently reading any good books you would recommend?

“I’m usually reading more than 1 book at a time on my Kindle. Currently reading “West with Giraffes” by Lynda Rutledge and “Hemingway’s Cats” by Lindsey Hooper. Some of my favorite books are the Myron Bolitar series by Harlan Coben and the Will Trent series by Karin Slaughter. I love a good murder-mystery!”

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Liberty Reach provides 3D volumetric vision guidance systems for robot applications. Our systems improve manufacturing, material/part handling, and logistics operations performed in industrial environments. We provide value by decreasing cycle time, increasing capacity and throughput, and improving automated operations. Furthermore, Liberty Reach 3D Vision Guidance systems increase repeatability and decrease faults and costly downtime. As the first company to deploy volumetric sensor technology on a high-precision manufacturing line, we are the experts in volumetric vision guidance solutions.