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How long have you been working at Liberty Reach and what drew you to apply?


“I have worked for Liberty Reach for almost 7 years. This has actually been my first job out of college. I had originally interned with Liberty Reach when I was in college and developed some prototype code for control of a GCODE CNC table. At the time we had enough employees to count on one hand. I liked the group of people that I was working with, they seemed intelligent and driven. I thought it would be interesting to work at such a small startup. The software that we were selling at the time had great potential and I think I could see that. ”



What is different about Liberty Reach than other companies you have worked for in the past?


“I maybe don’t have as much room to speak on this topic as others, since I was hired directly out of college. I had previously been employed in IT for a small college. The amount of regulation there was incredible and there was very little chance for a single employee to make meaningful change in how the company runs. At Liberty Reach, we tend to keep things more flexible. We keep the important parts rigid, but if an individual employee sees room for improvement there is always room for improvement. For each person that we hire, we try to bring out their best experiences.”



What would you tell someone about Liberty Reach who is interested in working here?  


“We are a highly driven group of individuals that strive to be embarrassingly better. We are making big moves in the field of industrial vision. If this sort of thing might interest you, come work with us.”


What is your favorite holiday? 


“I’m a big fan of Independence Day. My family usually hangs out and watches fireworks. It’s a quintessential summertime holiday.”