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Colin Slaughter

How long have you been working at Liberty Reach and what drew you to apply and accept the job?

“I’ve been working with Liberty Reach for more than two years now! I wasn’t very happy at my previous job and had been searching for a new opportunity for months. I was pleased to hear Liberty Reach was a smaller startup company, rather than a corporate entity. My previous company was pretty large and I didn’t feel very important to its overall success. It’s great to see the results of my work have a direct affect on Liberty Reach’s success. It also makes a huge difference for me knowing each of my coworkers.”

Describe one of your favorite work projects you have been involved with.

“My favorite work project I’ve been involved with is the tool correction application I helped develop. We had been working with an integrator who needed a very specific solution that we did not yet support. We were on site at the integrator facility to set up the application for a customer visit when we found out we did not have the capability for an effective demo, so we rescheduled with the customer for the following week. After just one weekend we were able to successfully develop, test, and release the tool correction solution. The demo went very well and helped to us advance our integrator partnerships and open up opportunities for strong future sales.”

What is different about Liberty Reach than other companies you have worked for?

“The great thing about Liberty Reach is the small size of the company. You are able to get to know each one of your coworkers, even outside of your department, and sometimes speak with each of them in the same day. I think this builds an interesting work dynamic where you feel like your coworkers are friends rather than strangers working for the same company. It’s been my experience that I tend to work harder to help people whom I know and like. I feel like I am doing favors for friends instead of completing a list of tasks for a company.”

What is your favorite holiday and do you have any traditions associated with it?

“I think I have to say Christmas is my favorite holiday. Christmas is the one holiday where most of my family will get together. It’s nice to set everything else aside (mostly because everyone has time off work) and spend time with family. I suppose our only recurring Christmas tradition is overeating.”