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Sarah Staff Spotlight Quote

Discover what led Product Manager, Sarah, to her role and some of her proudest moments developing and improving products for Liberty Reach. 



How long have you worked for Liberty Reach and what drew you to apply for the position?

“I started working for Liberty Reach in March 2018. I had taken some time off from engineering work due to illness and was interested in working in a different industry than I did previously. I didn’t have a background in automation or software development but I knew some of the application engineers who currently worked here and they strongly encouraged me to apply. I was fortunate that I applied when LR was creating a Quality Assurance and Software Product Testing department so they had an open position that fit my skillset and interests perfectly.“


What is one of your favorite projects you have been a part of?

“My favorite project to work on was the Kuka Demo Pod that is on display in Shelby Township at Kuka. It is the first time I’ve been challenged to fully automate a system with vision so that it runs continuously without failure. It shuffles parts around it’s work area without any human interference. I also enjoyed that working with the whole Liberty Reach team to make the project a success. A summer intern completed the initial proof of concept testing. The intern and I collaborated with the engineering department to design hemispheres that would create random but limited part movement and fingers for the electronic gripper. The engineers assembled the fully enclosed robot pod that included a drop ceiling for controlled lighting, rubber floors to dampen noise, door closed safety e-stops, and user input buttons. I wrote and tested the robot code to perform the demo. On completion of the project, the demo pod is ready to travel to a trade shows and is otherwise on display at Kuka robotics in Shelby Township.”


What is one of your favorite trips you have taken?


“I enjoyed visiting communities that are less privileged than my own. It puts my life into perspective and makes me appreciate my experiences more and have empathy for others. I do not travel often because of the environmental impact. Environmental preservation is very important to me; so when I do travel I prefer nature adventures to tourist attractions.”