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Alex Staff Spotlight Quote: "The most rewarding part about working at Liberty Reach has been the privilege that comes with joining so early in the company’s life, and watching the tremendous amounts of change and growth that have happened in the last decade."

Our latest staff spotlight features Project Manager, Alex. Read about his experiences at Liberty Reach and some of his hobbies.



How long have you worked at Liberty Reach and what drew you to apply for the position?

“I will have worked for Liberty Reach 10 years this August! I joined the company early enough there was not really an “application” process, but I when the job was offered, I was definitely drawn to the startup-like culture and opportunity to work in a field that seemed to have a lot of promise.”


What do you find rewarding about your position as Project Manager and what might you tell someone who was interested in working here?

“The most rewarding part about working at Liberty Reach has been the privilege that comes with joining so early in the company’s life, and watching the tremendous amounts of change and growth that have happened in the last decade.


For someone who is interested in a job here, I would tell them to be flexible.  Regardless of job description or department, we’re still a fairly small company and you don’t know what new and interesting projects may come down the pipe.  We don’t really do monotony around here.”


What is it about machine vision that you find fascinating?

“Vision is just such a wide ranging, complicated and growing field. We take vision for granted because a person can easily unpack boxes off a pallet, or thread a tiny bolt by hand with ease, but robots still struggle with those kinds of tasks.  And that’s something I certainly never knew or appreciated before joining this company.


The development being done in machine vision is certainly improving automation, by reducing waste in existing automated applications, and allowing repetitive, laborious tasks that previously would have still been too variable to be done by a robot to now be done with a vision-equipped robot.”


Do you have any hobbies or pastimes?

“I have quite a few hobbies, and definitely appreciate my free time to spend on them. I have a few 3D printers at home and enjoy designing and printing various odds and ends around the house.  Now that it’s summer, I’m really looking forward to restoring a vintage 1950 Schwinn Panther I inherited and converting it to an e-bike.  Summer in Michigan for me also means doing a lot of kayaking on the Huron River here in Ann Arbor and getting some multi-day hiking/camping trips in at some of Michigan’s state parks.”


What is one of your favorite holidays and why?

“My favorite holiday is probably Thanksgiving. My family started a tradition back in 2015 of playing a game to keep the extended family occupied until dinner is ready and has since grown to include some fairly involved and competitive versions of Amazing Race, Survivor, Hunger Games, and a murder mystery (which was not intended to be competitive, but that didn’t stop my family from conspiring against each other).”




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