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Mark Staff Spotlight Quote

We asked Sales Account Manager, Mark, to talk about some of his experiences at Liberty Reach and what his favorite vacation spot is.


What drew you to apply for the Sales Account Manager position?


“Years ago, I was given some advice by a person that I’ve always looked up to and respected. He told me that, in any industry, you always want to work for the “Big Dog”. In the industry of robotic vision guidance systems, Liberty Reach is the Big Dog.“


What do you find rewarding about the work that you do?

“I always enjoy the looks on my customers faces when they learn about our product for the first time and are amazed that robotic vision can be so easy to use and considerably faster than our competitors. ”


What would you tell someone about Liberty Reach who might be interested in working here?

“Everyone at Liberty Reach will drop whatever they are doing to help you out. We have a true team of people all working towards a common goal. ”


Describe one of your favorite vacations you have taken.


“My favorite vacation was a 10 day backpack trip with my wife to the island of Kauai. We hiked the Napali coast for 5 days. About 10-12 miles each direction, extremely remote and dangerous, and by permit only. The trail hugs the Napali coast the entire route and is so narrow for long stretches that it is impossible to go around another group heading in your direction. One of the groups must back up for a considerable distance, sometimes up to a mile or more due to the trail being so narrow and, hugging cliffs with long and steep drop offs.”

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