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Henry Staff Spotlight Quote

Catch up with Software Engineer, Henry, and read about his background, hobbies, and experiences at Liberty Reach.



How long have you worked for Liberty Reach and what drew you to apply?


“I’ve been with Liberty Reach just over a year. I felt I was a good fit for the position and was incredibly excited to flex my mathematics background in conjunction with my programming abilities.”

What do you find rewarding about your position or the work you do?


“​I enjoy working on complex and challenging problems, and the thrill that comes along with overcoming these obstacles. Moreover, working with incredibly bright people to solve these challenges is a reward that never gets old!”


What is different about Liberty Reach than other companies you have worked for in the past?


“Liberty Reach is much leaner than any job I’ve previously worked. With that brings many rewards and challenges. The level of complexity in the tasks I am assigned is far greater than any other past job.”



Describe some of your favorite pastimes or hobbies.


“I enjoy traveling and outdoor activities. Kayaking and hiking are two of my favorite pastimes. I am also a big fan of working on personal programming projects that don’t necessarily align with professional projects.”