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Katherine Quote

Discover more about Software Engineer, Katherine, and how she contributes her talent and love of teaching to the development team at Liberty Reach.



How long have you worked at Liberty Reach and what drew you to apply and accept the job?


“I’ve worked at Liberty Reach for six months. I found the prospect of working on computer vison and software architecture in a smaller team appealing, and the people working here are very knowledgeable and welcoming.”


What do you find rewarding about your position or the work you do?


“​My work at LR is somewhat atypical compared to the rest of the team. I mostly work on backend infrastructure projects, but I also do a lot of training for other employees, coaching them to improve the quality of the software they write. I make better tools for them and teach them techniques to tackle the problems they have to solve, with ease and confidence. I enjoy both aspects of my work, though I have a particular fondness for teaching.”


What is one memorable experience you have had during your time with Liberty Reach?


“We had an event where each of us would bring food from our different cultural backgrounds. It was wonderful, and our team put a lot of work into organizing and preparing the veritable banquet everyone got to enjoy.”


Are you watching any good TV shows right now or do you have any you would recommend?


“I’m currently watching through the Chernobyl mini-series. It’s very interesting on from a technical standpoint of course, but it’s also valuable in helping understand the different roles that people play in the face of unprecedented disaster. I can definitely recommend watching it.”