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Nuha Staff Spotlight Quote: "Liberty Reach has continuously focused on pushing the<br />
boundaries of automation through the introduction<br />
of cutting-edge solutions that have enhanced speed,<br />
accuracy, quality, usability and efficiency in manufacturing<br />

Catch up with Software Engineer and Technical Lead, Nuha, to learn about her and her experiences improving our systems and software interface.




What do you find rewarding about your work as a Software Engineer and Technical Lead?

“The most rewarding aspect of my role at Liberty Reach is the opportunity to work on cutting-edge technologies that have a direct impact on industrial automation. Being part of a team that continuously pushes the boundaries of what is achievable in terms of automation speed, accuracy, quality, and efficiency brings a deep sense of fulfillment. At Liberty Reach, every team member’s feedback and opinions are highly valued, fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation.


This inclusive environment allows us to wear multiple hats and contribute to various projects, providing ample room for personal growth and improvement within the company. The ability to see the direct impact of our ideas, feedback, and opinions is immensely gratifying. Witnessing the tangible improvements our solutions bring to manufacturers’ operations further reinforces the significance of our work. Knowing that I am actively shaping the future of automation fills me with inspiration and a strong sense of purpose.”


How has Liberty Reach changed or progressed since you first started?

“Since I started at Liberty Reach, the company has made significant strides in its growth and development. In particular, Liberty Reach has continuously focused on pushing the boundaries of automation through the introduction of cutting-edge solutions that have enhanced speed, accuracy, quality, usability and efficiency in manufacturing operations. The integration of volumetric sensors and surface matching algorithms, which Liberty Reach pioneered, has set new industry standards and empowered manufacturers to automate more tasks while streamlining their processes.


What sets Liberty Reach apart is its commitment to ongoing improvement. The company actively seeks feedback from employees to identify areas for enhancement and to ensure a culture of continuous learning and development. This dedication to growth and the collaborative approach within the company has contributed to its overall progress. Liberty Reach’s relentless pursuit of excellence and its willingness to embrace feedback are key factors that have propelled its success in the industry.“



Describe some of your favorite pastimes or hobbies.

“Outside of work, I enjoy engaging in various activities. I find great fulfillment in participating in debate championships and contributing as a debate trainer and judge. This hobby allows me to engage my skills in critical thinking, public speaking, and argumentation, while also nurturing a passion for intellectual discourse. One particularly memorable experience was attending the prestigious 1st U.S. Universities Arabic Debating Championship held at Harvard University, where I had the privilege of serving as a debate judge and chair of the jury in multiple rounds.


The event provided an immersive and intellectually stimulating environment, surrounded by exceptionally talented debaters from diverse universities. Witnessing the transformative power of persuasive communication on participants’ personal growth and confidence was truly inspiring, making it one of the most rewarding aspects of my involvement in this hobby.”



What is one of your favorite holidays and does your family have any traditions associated with it?

“Eid al-Fitr is my favorite holiday, holding a special place in my heart. This joyous celebration marks the end of Ramadan, a month of fasting and reflection. It brings my family and loved ones together, fostering gratitude and unity. We gather for a festive meal, savoring traditional dishes that hold cultural significance. Exchanging thoughtful gifts signifies our love and appreciation. But it goes beyond that—our focus is on acts of kindness and charity, supporting those in need through donations and volunteering. Eid al-Fitr is a time for celebration, reflection, and fostering connections. It teaches us the importance of gratitude, spreading positivity, and embracing compassion. Engaging in these cherished traditions brings me immense joy and fulfillment.”


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Liberty Reach provides 3D volumetric vision guidance systems for robot applications. Our systems improve manufacturing, material/part handling, and logistics operations performed in industrial environments. We provide value by decreasing cycle time, increasing capacity and throughput, and improving automated operations. Furthermore, Liberty Reach 3D Vision Guidance systems increase repeatability and decrease faults and costly downtime. As the first company to deploy volumetric sensor technology on a high-precision manufacturing line, we are the experts in volumetric vision guidance solutions.