At Liberty Reach, innovation is the key to making our vision of the future a reality. We developed – and continuously improve upon – true 3D vision technology that enables robots to work faster, perform better, and increase capability.



Liberty Reach’s tech is the world’s first robot guidance system to use 3D volumetric sensors with advanced proprietary algorithms to calculate part offsets in 6 degrees of freedom. Six Degrees of Freedom offsets means that the software provides translation and rotation position data relative to a reference (training) position. The robot uses the (x, y, z, rxryrzposition data to perform a frame offset to adjust the work for the presented part position 

This volumetric data is used to calculate the object’s pose relative to the trained position. The pose data is communicated to the robot to make necessary adjustments when moving to interact with the part. Liberty Reach was the pioneer of using 3D volumetric sensors to guide robots.

  • Decreased cycle time. One image is required to calculate offsets and the part offset is calculated in less than one second.
  • No external lights are required; sensors are not affected by ambient lighting.
  • Large part shifts & rotations that would fault other vision systems, are handled with ease.
  • Simple installation and modification. Save money with systems that use less hardware and handle more part style changes.
  • A guidance system aids in quality control by generating a fault when a sample part is warped, compared to the reference part.
  • Responsive customer service. 24/7 support line to resolve issues whenever.
Sensor Technology
  • Sensors use GigE, PoE communications designed for the industrial market.
  • Invisible, near-infrared lasers are built in, making the sensors immune to flashing factory lights that cause faults in other vision systems.
Intelligent Software
  • Advanced algorithms developed by Liberty Reach generate an accurate offset in 6 degrees of freedom in less than one second.
  • User friendly tab-based software is easy to learn and navigate.
  • The offset is sent directly to the robot so it can adjust to the unique pose of the workpiece.

Liberty Reach Inc’s volumetric sensing, robot guidance and box manipulation products are protected by US and foreign patents:

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Additional patents are pending in US and foreign jurisdictions:

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