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Fast, Flexible 3D Machine Vision


V-Guide™ is a fast and versatile robot-mounted volumetric vision guidance system that produces six degrees of freedom offsets for enhanced robot operations. The system  utilizes volumetric sensors designed for harsh factory conditions and user-friendly software to dependably calculate large part shifts and rotations. V-Guide™ is not affected by ambient light and calculates part offsets in under one second.


System highlights:


  • V-Guide™ is one of the fastest volumetric vision guidance systems available, providing true 3D offsets in less than 1 second.
  • The system is not affected by ambient factory lighting changes and requires no external lights.
  • It easily accommodates style additions and model changes, usually requiring no additional sensors or equipment.
  • V-Guide™ is built to withstand typical factory conditions with additional industrially-hardened sensor casing options available.
  • Installation, operation, adjustments, and maintenance are quick, easy and economical.

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