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V-Guide helps shave 12 seconds off door seam sealing process

Jan 14, 2018

A total of 6 V-Guide™ systems are now guiding robots for seam sealing of hang-on parts: one for each of four doors, the hood, and lift gate.   

V-Guide replaces a competitive vision guidance system.  In doing so, the door sealing process alone is shortened by 8 seconds.  

Robot-mounted vision guidance systems typically require 3 or more measurements to infer a part offset in 6 degrees of freedom. This is akin to shots from a rifle striking 3 surface points on the far corners of a part to triangulate an offset. With V-Guide™, volumetric sensors use one image to map a part’s 3D surfaces, compare it to a reference, and provide an offset – all in less than a second. This is akin to a blast from a shotgun striking thousands of surface points to create a full 3D topographic map. 

The result is clear: 2 fewer images + 2 fewer robot movements = 8 seconds of cycle time savings. 

With cycle time savings of this magnitude, V-Guide™ pays for itself in a matter of days.

Whether you’re brand new to guidance or ready to prove out a project, Liberty Reach is here to help.

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