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Flexible 3D Robot Guidance for Pick and Place Operations.


V-Guide™ is a fast and versatile robot-mounted guidance system that produces six degrees of freedom offsets for enhanced automated pick and place tasks. This system is equipped with robust volumetric sensors designed to withstand harsh factory environments, along with user-friendly software to reliably calculate significant part shifts and rotations. Unaffected by ambient light, V-Guide™ quickly calculates part offsets in less than one second to accurately pick and place from conveyors, AGVs, and fixtures.




System highlights:


  • V-Guide™ is one of the fastest volumetric vision guidance systems available, providing true 3D offsets in less than 1 second.
  • The system is not affected by ambient factory lighting changes and requires no external lights.
  • It easily accommodates style additions and model changes, usually requiring no additional sensors or equipment.
  • V-Guide™ is built to withstand typical factory conditions with additional industrially-hardened sensor casing options available.
  • Installation, operation, adjustments, and maintenance are quick, easy and economical.

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