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V-Guide™ is a fast and versatile robot-mounted vision system that utilizes true 3D vision sensors to produce position and rotation offsets in less than one second. 




V-Guide™ is one of the fastest robot guidance systems available, providing true 3D offsets in less than 1 second.


V-Guide™ is not affected by ambient factory lighting changes and requires no external lights, reducing faults and downtime.


It easily accommodates style additions and model changes, usually requiring no additional sensors or equipment.


V-Guide™ is built to withstand typical factory conditions with additional industrially-hardened sensor casing options available.


One system handles up to 1000 part styles, add or modify styles with ease.


Installation, operation, support, and maintenance are quick, easy and economical.



Seam Sealing

Precision Pick & Transfer


Not all vision guidance systems for robots work the same way. Ours outperform others because of our advanced sensor and software technology that results in reduced cycle times, increased dependability and versatility, and ease of use.

Our R&D labs developed proprietary technology using volumetric VSx sensors and advanced software to give robots vision. This vision provides offsets for parts in true 3D, 6 degrees of freedom (6 DoF). Six Degrees of Freedom offsets means that the software provides translation and rotation position data relative to a reference (training) position. The robot uses the (x, y, z, rx, ry, rz) position data to perform a frame offset to adjust the work for the presented part position 

This volumetric data is used to calculate the object’s pose relative to the trained position. The pose data is communicated to the robot to make necessary adjustments when moving to interact with the part. Liberty Reach was the pioneer of using 3D volumetric sensors to guide robots.


Liberty Reach provides everything needed for a complete robot guidance vision system – proprietary sensors, high performance industrialized Windows based computer (IoT embedded), proprietary software license, and industrial hardware (cables, connectors, protective enclosures, etc.)

Every component is robust enough to stand up to harsh factory conditions.

V-Guide™ is designed with the end user in mind. A V-Guide™ system is easy to set up, use, modify, and maintain. Our 24/7 service and support team of engineers is always ready and available to help.


Reducing Door Seam Sealing Cycle Time

Challenge – an auto maker needed to significantly reduce the time it took to complete its door seam sealing process but was hitting a dead end with its existing systems. Robot-mounted vision guidance systems typically require 3 or more measurements to infer a part offset in 6 degrees of freedom. This kind of feature-based technology has many disadvantages and issues that cause faulting, inaccuracies and more.

Solution – Liberty Reach offered more effective guidance using V-Guide™. With V-Guide™, volumetric sensors use one image to map a part in 3D and using Liberty Reach proprietary algorithms, provide an offset– all in less than one second. 

Outcome – six V-Guide™ systems we installed to guide robots performing seam sealing of hang-on parts: one for each of four doors, the hood, and lift gate. V-Guide™ requires 2 fewer images and 2 fewer robot movements, saving the auto maker 8 seconds in the door sealing process alone. With cycle time savings of this magnitude, V-Guide™ pays for itself in a matter of days.