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VFix replaces “hardware-heavy” vision system in automotive paint line

Feb 13, 2019

Manufacturing engineers and maintenance technicians are thrilled to replace their hardware-heavy vision guidance systems with VFix in an automotive paint line.  

At first the line worked on just one body style.  Then a second style was added.  Then a third.  With each style addition came the addition of 4 new cameras and lights in every zone.  With 10 or more cameras & lights in each zone, maintenance couldn’t work without bumping something out of position.  Each bump meant extra work & downtime to set the vision system up again.

The advantages of VFix are in full display for this system replacement:

  1. Reduced downtime & maintenance = lower long-term operating costs
  2. Decreasing number of hardware pieces in each cell from 20+ to 4
  3. Eliminating external lights
  4. No more sensitivity to ambient factory lighting
  5. Able to easily accommodate style additions / changes with no extra hardware / supplier support
  6. Faster cycle times
  7. Improved offset accuracy

Whether you’re brand new to guidance or ready to prove out a project, Liberty Reach is here to help.

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