VPresence™ verifies that closures are in the correct position. It acts as a safety check, stopping the robot or line when parts are not in the correct position.



  • Utilizes volumetric data to obtain a true 3D volumetric object
  • Not susceptible to ambient light, part color or reflectivity
  • Achieves unrivaled communication speed, sent directly to PLC
  • Detects the absence or presence of complex objects


VPresence™ systems can be configured in an array of ways to meet diverse manufacturing applications and guard against costly and unexpected down time.

Applications include:

  • Paint Line – Top Coat – verify correct door position
  • Body Weld – Hood and Deck Lid Position


VPresence™ uses long-range, volumetric sensors and proprietary software to achieve a high level of accuracy and dependability, resulting in better robot performance and fewer faults.

Before a manufacturing robot performs its next task, VPresence’s 3D volumetric sensors accurately detect:

  • A body or body panels in the wrong position
  • An extraneous object in the robot’s path
  • A missing part and many other things that could fault the process and shut down production


Liberty Reach provides everything you’ll need for a complete vision system – proprietary sensors, high performance industrialized Windows based computer (IoT embedded), proprietary software, industrial hardware (cabling, connectors, etc.)

We also make sure every component is robust enough to stand up to harsh factory conditions for the long haul.

Unlike other systems, ours are designed with the end user in mind. They are simple and easy to setup, use, change and maintain. And our 24/7 service and support is always ready to help.


Liberty Reach’s Versatility Solves a Unique Challenge With VPresence™

Challenge – An automotive manufacturer needed to automate the process of opening the doors, hood, and deck on a car body, spray the body with top coat, all while the car is moving. There were several shortcomings when the robot and laser detection systems were installed. The customer could not guarantee the robots would consistently open the doors, hood, and deck all the way. Traditional laser detection involves a single laser emitter and receiver and if the receiver doesn’t detect the laser, it assumes an object is in the way. Using this traditional method would not work for the customer because it is difficult to install, it cannot tell the difference between a part or a person obstructing its view, it struggles to differentiate makes and models of vehicles, and is too likely to mistake a partially open part as fully open.

Solution – Liberty Reach offered a functional solution with VPresence™. VPresence™ uses a multitude of 3D volumetric sensors and RGB cameras aimed at each car part to create a surface map. The software then knows where to expect the surface of the parts and quickly verifies if the surface area is present. If the software does not find enough surface area of the part, a fault is produced and the line stops. VPresence™ is also versatile and has the ability to quickly and easily switch to different settings for each individual make and model of a vehicle.

Outcome – VPresence™ was successfully installed on 4 production lines in the manufacturing facility. The system included 4 sensors to detect 6 different parts. Without this system, the customer would have no reliable way to determine if parts were partially or fully open. Without Vpresence™, this manufacturer ran the risk of disastrous robot crashes with time consuming and costly downtime.