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VSx Machine Vision Sensor System

Liberty Reach Proprietary Technology


The VSX1500 and VSX1700 are the latest volumetric machine vision sensor models included with the Liberty Reach 3D Vision Guidance Systems for robot applications. The sensors capture image data of a part or portion of a target body and calculate offsets to enhance robot performance. These VSx sensors are manufactured specifically to Liberty Reach’s proprietary specifications to provide unrivaled robot guidance. Liberty Reach’s field installation experience in factory environments, drives the continued improvements of hardened sensor protocols.


These are several tried-and-tested benefits of the VSx:

  • Data and power are received by the sensor via a single POE cable with M12 XCode GigE connection. 
  • The sensor-to-part distance range is between 400 mm and 1,200 mm, which is accomplished through short and long ranged sensors.
  • Sensors are compact in size and weight less than 1kg each.
  • The system provides a more complete view of the part and variable depth range, which enables it to work with a wide variety of parts and styles.


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*Sensors are only included with purchase of complete vision systems.