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Warehouse & Distribution Centers


Mixed Case Palletizing

A poorly packed pallet is inefficient and, at worst, dangerous. The pallet could lean or tip during transit and is likely to fall apart when unwrapped at its final destination. Manual labor can ensure a tight pack, but the work is physically demanding – a vision guided robot does not fatigue or experience a decrease in productivity.

VPick™ calculates box position and orientation at the end of a conveyor, allowing a robot to pick each box with precision. Precision picking and placing yields a tightly packed pallet.

Where used: general industry, food & beverage

Mixed Case Depalletizing

Unloading pallets by hand is physically demanding work. Using a robot is faster, safer, and more economical, but unguided robots can only unload a pallet if the size, position, and orientation of all boxes are known or consistent. This level of precision and consistency in box placement is a difficult standard to maintain.

VPick™ allows a robot to quickly and accurately move boxes from a pallet to a conveyor despite varying box sizes, positions, and orientations. An overhead 3D sensor finds the easiest box to pick, calculates its position & orientation, and sends the information directly to the robot.

VPick™ is a simple upgrade that helps automate mixed case depalletizing, freeing up human labor for other tasks.

Where used: general industry, food & beverage


Robotic Box Manipulation

Keeping up with the fast-paced ecommerce industry is essential for distribution and fulfillment centers. Decanting boxes manually is labor-intensive and time-consuming work. VPick™ systems provide complete turn-key solutions for automating the decanting process.

Rather than resorting to manual labor, guide the robots with VPick™.

VPick™ decanting systems are completely customizable and use full-geometry 3D vision sensors to efficiently guide robots during pick and place operations. The system can pick from uniform or mixed pallets and pack containers without knowing the size or location of boxes. VPick™ also accounts for multiple stacks of boxes with a wide range of sizes, colors, and designs.

Where used: fulfillment, distribution, supply chain.