Sealing / Dispensing / Coating


Seam Sealing for Doors, Hood, and Liftgate

Automating seam sealing for hang-on parts is difficult. Part-to-part variations in position and orientation are inevitable. Fixturing hang-ons is not usually possible. Even with the best programming, unguided robots are not up to the task.

Rather than resorting to manual labor, guide the robots with V-Guide™.

V-Guide™ quickly calculates an offset in 6 degrees of freedom, allowing a robot to adjust to the unique pose of each hang-on part before running the dispensing program.

A V-Guide™ equipped robot handles the differences, allowing the process to be automated, increasing efficiency on the paint line.

Additional dispensing applications:

  • Interior Seam Sealing & Roof Ditch Sealing
  • Structural Adhesive
  • PUR-foam & Body Structural Wax


Underbody Coating

Underbody Coating, LASD, and Liquid Applied Transit Coating

When robots need to apply high-viscosity adhesive or sealant to a metal seam on a car body, the entire seam needs to be covered to ensure a water-tight seal. Since bodies can shift in fixtures or on skids, a large amount of excess material has to be applied to ensure proper coverage.

Adding VFix™ to the robot cell allows for precision application of high-viscosity materials.

A 4 sensor VFix™ system calculates the offset of the car based on a known reference position. Costs can be saved on material usage by applying a thinner, more accurate bead.