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Sealing / Dispensing / Coating


Seam Sealing for Doors, Hood, and Liftgate

Automating seam sealing for hinged parts is difficult. Variations in position and orientation are inevitable from one part on an assembly line to the next. Fixturing hinged parts is not usually possible. Even with the best programming, unguided robots are not up to the task.

Rather than resorting to manual labor, guide the robots with V-Guide™.

V-Guide™ quickly calculates a 3D offset that includes an x, y, and z translation and an x, y, and z dimension rotation. 3D offsets equip a robot to adjust to the unique pose of each hinge-attached part before running the dispensing program.

A V-Guide™ equipped robot handles variations in part presentation and is not influenced by ambient lighting changes, allowing work to be fully automated, with increased accuracy and reduced cycle time.

Additional dispensing applications:

  • Interior Seam Sealing & Roof Ditch Sealing
  • Structural Adhesive
  • PUR-foam & Body Structural Wax
  • Body Offsets for Inspection Software


Underbody Coating

Underbody Coating, Liquid Applied Sound Dampening, and Liquid Applied Transit Coating

When unguided robots need to apply high-viscosity adhesive or sealant to a sheet metal join on a car body, the entire seam needs to be covered to ensure a water-tight seal. Bodies can shift in fixtures or on skids, so a large amount of excess material has to be applied to ensure proper coverage.

A 4 sensor VFix™ system calculates the offset of the car body based on a known reference position. Costs can be saved on material usage by applying a thinner, more accurate bead.